Fees & Guarantee

1. Check whether you meet the criteria for hiring a foreign live-in Caregiver.
2. Read and understand The Terms related to the use of this site.
3. View the available Applicants online, and using our Interview list feature, compile a list of the applicants that appeal to you. Once your Interview list is compiled, fill in your contact information and your selections will be E-mailed to us.
4. Fill out the online Employer Application Form.

Our interview specialists conduct conference-call interviews with you and the prospective applicants until you have chosen your Caregiver.

6. After making your selection, we assist you in getting approved by Service Canada.
7. We put together a custom Work Agreement with your input, and present a copy to the Caregiver for signing.
8. We guide the Caregiver through the application process in her country. As soon as the Caregiver receives her Work Authorization, we inform you of her arrival date.
9. We provide you with an extensive Family Kit prior to the Caregiver's arrival, which will easily guide you through welcoming the Nanny, calculating deductions, making sense of the Employment Standards and ensuring that the placement is a success.

 A Welcome package is provided to the Caregiver, including "Common Sense Principles" for her to abide by, safety and emergency procedures, other nanny contacts in the area, etc.

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