Fees & Guarantee

It is essential for parents to be as demanding when choosing a nanny agency as when choosing the nanny herself. Make sure you know exactly what the agency will do for you before you commit to them. Here is a checklist of important points when shopping around for a nanny agency.

Five years or more is a good place to start. Most of the best agencies have been established at least this amount of time.

An agency's longevity is important for several reasons. Successful long-term agencies have a large number of nannies and families that come from repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.  Experience is very helpful for providing advice that you can trust and it gives the ability to detect the more subtle red flags that only experience can define.  If a family needs to replace a nanny, a long-term agency is more likely to still be in business during the guarantee period. Agency fee should reflect agency's expertise.

Select Nannies Inc.:
has been in business for over ten years.
has thousands of satisfied client families and caregivers from coast to coast

Word of mouth reputation is important.

Choose only an agency that is a member of the Better Business Bureau and a member of the Chamber of Commerce or the local board of Trade to confirm that their business is recognized in the local community.

Select Nannies Inc.:
generates over ninety percent of business through word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clients
is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce
was featured several times in Today’s Parent and numerous local publications
was featured at CH@Home Television and interviewed by Matt Hayes and Lesley Stewart

Larger teams with long-term experience in this industry are better able to provide the support you need.

Select Nannies Inc.:
Has several offices across Canada, with the head office located in Niagara Falls, and satellite branches in Ottawa, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Vancouver, B.C.,each serviced by full-time staff.

Check if the agency has a web site, printed materials and business telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mails. Lack of printed materials shows lack of establishment and business experience.Choose only an agency with their own application forms for the prospective caregivers. An agency presenting resumes on different formats should better start up in a different business area.

Select Nannies Inc.:
offers a comprehensive website, complete with an extensive online caregiver database
each online caregiver application has an easy-to-use standard format
all staff members have their own business cards and letterhead
all staff members have their own business e-mail, telephone and fax #’s
distributes thousands of high-quality glossy brochures throughout communities

Do you get an answering machine when you call an agency or is there someone in the office during business hours? Note the professionalism of the provider: Were telephone calls answered? If you left a message, how long did it take for the agency to call you back?

Select Nannies Inc.:
has full-time staff to answer telephones at all office locations
offers extended office hours in the evenings and weekends

Check if the agency has any references from their previous clients, both caregivers and client families. Only an experienced, long-term agency will have a large network of nannies and families. References can be a good way to determine if an agency gave you honest answers to some of the questions listed above and below.

Select Nannies Inc.:
will gladly provide you with a list of client families or nannies for references,
often in your community.

The agency should have a minimum of 20 to 25 applicants for you to consider. The more applicants you have to choose from, the better you can match an applicant to the specific requirements of your childcare/eldercare needs.

Select Nannies Inc.:
has over 150 comprehensive online resumes, complete with photos and "Dear Employer" letters
uploads new caregiver profiles almost daily

Placement agencies in Canada have the moral obligation and legal responsibility to follow the requirements of the program, within the regulations set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Service Canada and the provincial or territorial labour laws.

When choosing an agency, make sure that they are familiar with the labour laws of your province and they follow the governmental regulations. Also, make sure that the agency you are choosing provides you with materials about the Employment Standards Act and assists you with putting together a work contract that complies with the appropriate labour laws.

Select Nannies Inc.:
has client families in every province and territory of Canada
is familiar and keeps up-to-date with all provincial labour laws
customizes the work contract to comply with your provincial labour laws
includes a copy of the employment standards for your province in your Family Kit
will promptly inform you of any upcoming increases in wages or important changes of the Live-in Caregiver Program

The agency should interview the caregivers for spoken English proficiency and suitability to participate in the program.

Select Nannies Inc.:
staff members prescreen the applicants for English skills, work experience and education, interview them in person, whenever possible and ensure that all of the caregivers meet all of the requirements of the Live-in Caregiver Program.

Personal or phone interviews with applicants are very important. Of course, interviews take more time than filling out caregiver applications, but they provide much more information about the caregiver’s personality and increase the success rate of the placement significantly.

The agency should allow you to interview prospective caregivers by telephone or better yet, they should have specialized staff available to conduct the phone interview with you, prior to offering a candidate the position.

Select Nannies Inc.:
conducts in person interviews or 3-way phone conference calls between all of the client families and their prospective caregivers.

You should be weary of agencies that offer you caregivers at no cost. Since it is illegal in most Canadian provinces to charge prospective caregivers any recruitment fees, it is most likely that the agency is operating illegally.

In addition, an agency that charges families well below the average of established agencies is most likely not putting the time into careful screening and money into extensive recruiting efforts. When searching for an agency, do not choose the cheapest one, but the one providing you with the best service and with all the information you need. Agency fee should reflect agency's expertise.

Select Nannies Inc.:
charges client families a placement fee that is competitive in the industry
does NOT charge caregivers any fees, unless it is for professional immigration services of a licensed immigration consultant


A signed work contract between you and your caregiver is a legal requirement of the LIC Program. It is a written, detailed job description that also describes the conditions of employment, including the maximum number of hours of work per week, and the wage rate. This fundamental and time-tested tool enables the Family and Caregiver to review every aspect of the job description. It is an excellent way to make sure important items are discussed before the Caregiver starts her job.

Be sure that the agency you are working with sets out a contract where nothing violates provincial labour laws. The agency you are choosing should put together the work contract for you.

Select Nannies Inc.:
creates a comprehensive custom work contract that deals specifically with your situation
ensures that the work contract complies with your provincial labour laws

Families are often overwhelmed when they realize what type of paperwork is involved when hiring an overseas caregiver. An experienced agent can ensure that all forms are filled out correctly and thus avoid any unnecessary delays.

Service Canada has specific requirements when it comes to advertising before a job offer is made locally or overseas, so ensure that the agency is familiar and up-to-date with these mandatory requirements.

Select Nannies Inc.:
fills out all the government forms and submits them to you for review and signatures
advises you regarding the advertising requirements and often will advertise for you

An agency that truly has your interest at heart will provide you with various tools to ensure that the placement is a long-term success. This can include extensive written materials, follow-up calls, newsletters and special mailings, planned activities for nannies, notification regarding changes in the payroll, etc.

The agency should monitor the caregiver/client family relationship throughout the entire term of the contract. The organization should maintain contact, through their staff, with caregivers and host families to ensure compliance with the provincial or territorial employment standards.

Select Nannies Inc.:
provides each family with a Family Kit, containing many useful tools
provides each nanny with a Nanny Kit, containing important information each
conducts a Welcome Meeting to review the work contract and to discus various issues
offers families and nannies a Select Nannies Cookbook with many tasty recipes
provides families and nannies with a custom source deductions spreadsheet
is available to nannies and families for the entire length of the placement if any issues arise
assists caregivers at no cost with work permit renewals
hosts an annual Nanny Appreciation Party, which helps the nannies to network and socialize

When you hire a domestic worker, it is important to understand your obligations as an employer. You must submit monthly source deductions, file all applicable tax forms and register with WSIB. The agency should be able to advise you about how to obtain an employer number, how to calculate payroll and how to remit the source deductions.

Select Nannies Inc.:
guides families on obtaining an employer number and on how to remit the deductions
provides families with a custom source deductions spreadsheet upon the nanny’s arrival
provides families with a new source deductions spreadsheet each January

Choose an agency with a support system in place that offers you a replacement in case you are not happy with the arrangement. The agency should guarantee your satisfaction. Make sure you choose an agency with a large pool of applicants, so you can find a replacement quickly and hassle-free.

Both the host family and the caregiver should be given options if they are not happy with the arrangement. An agency that guarantees your placement at least 3 months proves they stand up to their service and that they care about their clients.

Select Nannies Inc.:
offers a three-month replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied with the caregiver

Some agencies may try to discourage you from working with other agencies. They may also overstate their ability to complete a placement within your timeframe. Look for an agency that will give you an honest estimate of how long they think it may take to find the right nanny for your family.

Select Nannies Inc.:
will actually encourage you work with other agencies if we cannot meet your time frame or specific needs

Of course, we hope you choose to work with us. If you are looking for an experienced agency with a solid track record, an excellent reputation with both nannies and families, and who will be there to support you all the way through your placement (and future placements), then you have come to the right place. You won't go wrong by choosing the best!

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