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Frequently Asked Questions by Caregivers

1. How do I register with your agency?
First, ensure that you meet the Live-in Caregiver program Requirements as required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If you do, go online to our Caregiver Application Form, carefully fill it out, and submit it along with all of the supporting documents to our agency.

If we determine that you meet all of the program requirements, you will become registered with our agency and featured online so all potential employers can view your profile. It does not cost anything to register with us, but if we do not receive your supporting documents within 3 months after receiving your application, your profile will be erased from the database.

2. How long will I have to wait until an Employer is found?
It can take a week, a month, a year, or never in some cases. How soon you get selected depends mostly on your qualifications, education and personal presentation. If you have a desirable education such as nursing, teaching or midwifery, or if you have vast experience with excellent references and present yourself well during the phone interview, you chances of being selected quickly are excellent.
Because the decision lies in the hands of the potential Employer, and is not influenced by our agents, it is impossible to let the Caregiver know ahead of time, when she will be selected.

3. How do I know if you have found an Employer for me?
Once we find a potential employer interested in you, you will be contacted by one of our agents for a phone interview, conducted at a convenient time for all parties.

If the Employer decides to hire you, we will contact you with a job offer and a detailed work contract. If you choose to accept the position, we will guide you through the completion of all required paperwork.

Please note that all of our job offers are genuine and legitimate, presented by real employers, who have been scrutinized by our agents.

4. Where are most of you jobs located?
We place Caregivers throughout all of Canada; however, the majority of the placements are in Ontario.

5.What are the agency fees?
There is no charge to you to register with us or for finding an employer for you. We do not charge recruiting fees or any additional fees, but it is your responsibility to pay for medical exam expenses and immigration processing fee of $150 to the Canadian Embassy. You may choose to hire an independent licensed immigration consultant to assist you with the processing of your work permit at your own expense.

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